Rivoli Veronese

  • Rivoli
  • Rivoli, Associazione Città Murate del Veneto

Historical Highlights

In the twelfth century there was a castle on the hill, this Rocca. The 14-15 January 1797 Napoleon beat the Austrians after a bloody battle. In 1849-54 Rivoli Veronese were built the fortifications of the barrier system of the Austrian Val d'Adige; in 1880-1885 Italian fortification was erected a new barrier to the Val d'Adige.


- Rocca di Rivoli (visit of the excavations).
- Strong Wohlgemuth and Caserma Massena (winter – Sundays 14,30 – 19,00 – from March to October – Saturday and Sunday 14,30 – 19,30).


- Asparagus Festival of Rivoli (May).
- Feast of Trebianel in town Gaium (first Sunday in October).


The itinerary includes a visit to the Mount Fortress, with remnants of medieval (XII secolo). You park at the trailhead, south of the. The exhibits are located on the high outcrop that forces the Adige in double bend and forces him, with the walls of the opposite bank, in a deep rocky gorge, La Chiusa, fortified in the course of time, dominant positions until the sides of the Val d'Adige. On the hill, said precisely the Rock, have recently come to light relics of the Neolithic Age, of the sixth millennium. C. The difficulty of the trail is rewarded by the beauty of the landscape of the Val d'Adige and the morainic amphitheater (sequence of measurements of concentric semicircular west of Rivoli). In North dell'abitato, going up the military road winding (Parking at the beginning of the climb) si accede al Forte Wohlgemuth, perfect cylindrical shape. The position on Mount Castle (of the artifact that remains is the name), whose wall asunder at the precipice of the Adige sull'alveo, dominates the Brenner, and links to the Garda. It was built in 1854, at the behest of Field Marshal Radetzky, together with the other forts on the opposite side of the valley: Cut road (remains); Forte Mollinary (remains); Forte Hlavaty. In 1884 was modified, verso nord, with the addition of the new front and casamattato by low battery, and completed the Barracks Massena. Further north, worth visiting the ruins of the monument dedicated to Napoleon to his soldiers fallen in battle here.

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