• Malcesine, Associazione Città Murate del Veneto
  • Malcesine, Associazione Città Murate del Veneto
  • Malcesine, Associazione Città Murate del Veneto

Historical Highlights

The Castle, Lombard era arose to defend the Roman origins, was destroyed by the Franks. The bishop of Verona held it, rebuilding it, at least from the 1131. Passed into the hands of the Scala family 1277, with Albert was reinforced along the boundary of the village. From 1351, con Mastino II, became the seat of the Captain of the Lake and this was super elevated and built the tower near the quarterdeck. The not lose: the Malcesine cableway-Spino, that allows you to pass in brief, enjoy unique views of the landscape, from the majestic scenery of the lake to Mount Baldo. Recipes of the lake: protagonist of the local cuisine is fish from the lake, in humid ai ferri, accompanied by olive oil D.O.P. Riviera, King of the pasta dishes, as in the typical and tasty risotto with tench”.


- Scaliger Castle (from April to September – 9,30 – 19,30 – closed from November to March, with the exception of the Christmas period).
- Palace of the Captains (visible on the ground floor leading to the garden – 9,00 – 19,00).
- Church of San Rocco (open before and after the religious ceremonies).


- Sagra patronale S. Anna – 26 July.
- Event agribusiness – 2First Sunday of October.


The tour starts from Piazza Statute, from which it proceeds towards the New Harbour and then to the right, Via Capitaniato, which overlooks the Renaissance Palazzo dei Capitani, from 1504 to the 1702 office of the Captain of the Lake. Reached Corso Garibaldi, sterno limit of murato borgo, continue to the left lane in the Old Port, which leads to the homonymous cove (Place Magenta). Climb up to the square by Borre Don Turazza. The buildings on the north side mirror the layout of the walls that enclosed the oldest suburb. It remains the arch of Porta Siresina beyond which travels via the Castle, which leaves turning left and passing the Gate of May; and proceed on via Posterna up to the door of the Castle. You enter the lower court, where on the left you visit the Barracks, built in 1622, now home to the Museum of Natural History; a ramp leading to the door stands open by the Austrians, which is located to the left of the powder 1863 (oggi sala Goethe). In the second courtyard to the right of a ramp leading to the Venetian era rivellino. On the opposite side another ramp leads to superior court, where stand the pentagonal tower (dated to 1131, Excluding the observatory) and the residence at La Scala, from 1351 first seat of the Captain of the Lake. Back in Via Posterna, turn right down the lane that leads to the picturesque cove of the castle. Shooting to the left via the Castle, Porta del Soccorso watched from high and can be reached via the Cerche, to the East Gate of the village.

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